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Alone in a crowded room
Finding out my new home
Losing sanity amidst my plea
Shadows of pasts pulling me.

Sinking, drowning
Tornadoes whirling,
Cuts of roses I embrace
Running exasperatedly in your maze.

Lie after lie,
Dreadfully watching me die
Fighting my own war
Keeping all bandaids in a jar.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

My eyes began to shrink,
In my eerie thoughts, I sink
Attempted to walk freely
But anxious thoughts taunting me.

“Go that way”,
“Do it this way”,
Like a freak I listened,
Now they’re not here to mend.

Followed by a voice, my doubts
Mirror of lies is my whereabouts
In my head, it was the loudest
In my chest, t’was deadliest.

Hurting me until I cease
Tortured, down on the knees
Hiding up on a cover,
So that everyone sees ‘am sobber.

Take my hand
Take it all from my head
It wasn’t easy
Still isn’t.

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