Timezones apart yet I feel you in a series of infinite bliss, keeping me company at the garden of my mind.

Your face, it may be miles away from my reach, yet I wake up with your lips all over my skin and your eyes… how they make love to mine.

Your face next to my skin, how you take my breath away… leaving me with a growing need for your presence each day.

I can’t believe how I feel so alone when you’re off my mind, at times, and then a song would reach my ear out of nowhere in my day as if it was you… singin’ it for me.

Even in my dreams you find me. You get to sing for me and dance…with me. I’ll be loving you forever, so’s the lyric goes in a dream with the aesthetics of high quality music and I will have to find the whole song, after, just to hear the complete tune.

Your casual visits in my half asleep and half awake moments make me need you every moment of my life.