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I had two failed relationships before. First relationship failed because we were too young that time. The second one failed because we both lack of maturity to the point that we hurt each other emotionally. After 3 years of building walls around my heart and loving myself, I met him. The guy who broke down the walls around my heart. The guy who made me realize the true meaning of ‘kilig’. The guy I fell inlove with. We exchanged messages. He always talked to me. He was updated to me. Kung nasaan sya and sino kasama nya. In short, he made me feel that ‘butterflies in my stomach’ feeling. That time, I knew that I loved him and believe that it was a mutual feelings. That time, after 3 years of being single, I thought he was the one for me. Until one day, he never talk to me again. He never message or call me. One day, he left with no words to say.
Two years passed, I already done with him. I accepted the fact that he was just a temporary person. And with that, I moved on. Right now, I already built walls again. Walls that can never be broken by a temporary people. Only the right man will do. I will continue loving myself and do the things that makes me happy. I traveled a lot and be with friends. I choose my happiness this time ’cause I know someday, God will send me a man who will prove how worthy I am to fight for. Someday, a man will come in to my life. He will make me feel how beautiful life is and accept me for who I am. A consistent man who will pursue me as his love of his life. Someday, I’ll marry a man who is worth the wait. If that time comes, we will make sure that the center of our relationship is the Lord.
Someday, I will love a man…
A one-word man
who will be the man of my life …

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