It’s been a long time since i have experience this feeling. The emotions i thought i have forgotten. The things that makes me happy and sad. Things that i tried to hide to avoid being broken. The love that i always give yet somehow  evades me. I ask myself, why is it that she can’t feel the same way the way i feel for her. Why can’t i show her my childish side whenever i’m with her.

    Lots of questions but there’s one thing that is certain. The moment i started to like you, things started to change. I have become a better person. I became active socially and enjoy the company of my friends. Somehow i manage to lessen wasting my time on computer games. I started to share things and stories to my family especially to my parents.

    Knowing you is the best thing for me. Even though we differ a lot, i’ll find the things we have in common. I know you have so much things to do. Ikaw kasi ang “Ate” ng lahat.  I’ll wait and if somehow this same feeling remain, i’ll be happy to try again and enjoy this saturday adventure with you.