The Man in my DREAMS (To the man who will make it worth it)


Today, after how many days and nights that I am really thinking what’s wrong with me? Why suddenly someone in my dream showed up unexpectedly, what is new here is “…finally! I recognized him!”. I always have a dream of a man that I am so happy and overwhelmed with joy and gladness but when I woke up I can’t even recognize that man in my dream. Years, months, weeks and days of waiting that hoping this man will visit me and tell me who he is, maybe if I will just know who he is, “What a relief!” I just can’t contain it inside my heart that is why I want to share it, that GOD really do miracle even in the simplest way. I used to hear stories of love and how God moved in their lives. How they meet each other even they are living in the different sides of the world. How they fall in love in the first, second and every sight. How they grow old together and still love each other as if they just bumped into each other yesterday.

Recently, I felt that I already gave up in love (that thing they so called destiny), that maybe it is not for me. So many heartaches and heartbreaks that I decided to stop and end this thing. Yet that day when I was in the border line of giving up and holding on, that man suddenly appear in my dream. I saw him sleeping and that genuine smile of him that made me just stared at him the whole time. I did not wake him up or bothered him, I am just delighted looking at him and knowing he is genuinely happy (I vividly imagine it until this very moment while writing this). Then after some time the same month, another dream with him. He is so excited and he wake me up from a deep sleep. I don’t know why but when he offers his hand, even I doubted at first he just looking at me with that smile I saw before and he just patiently waited for me to reach my hand. When I finally realized he is so serious about it, I give my hand and felt really glad and at peace.

I never saw him coming even in my wildest imagination and until this moment I am amazed that I am still asking if it is possible or real. I know there is something wrong with me, maybe I am just desperate for a true love as others always testified. Then, a close friend of mine just message me out of nowhere. She told me she never even thinking about me, but her dream is so clear that she told me this enthusiastically in details. That man in my dream kneel down in front of me and ask me to be his girlfriend. I feel like I am watching a series of a movie and GOD is the author, director and producer. And for the update I am in my 7th episode now, I even dream about him calling him husband (Thinking how many more episode to go…).

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I know a lot of you out there that like me, you are already reach the bottom point of hopelessness and frustrations. I know the feeling of long waiting (Literally speaking) and dreadfully wanted to see the future if you have this opportunity but sometimes I realized it is good not to know what is our future to enjoy our present. I admit I sulked, I have this point in my life I stop praying because I don’t even know what to believe, to expect and to pray for (regarding this matter). Yes, I do pray eagerly at the first 3 episodes of my dreams but as time goes by I became impatient and even wanted to ask so many questions in my mind that were even unspoken. Honestly, he is not yet here or any clear sign that he has something for me (You might even tell me that you are just imagining so much, or hoping for nothing at all). But let me write this so that one day I can tell him that our story is written by GOD. And I can also let you know that I am not making my own story (though I love to write one), in our story you will be a witness of a God-Given-Destiny. Sincerely, praying that we will not just read or hear it from others but we will experience it too in the right time.  As it is written in Job 42:5 “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.” Even a book entitled “Dreams – The language of the Holy Spirit: How to Interpret Your Dreams by Robert Ryder” was published. I have confidence in God that the same thing happened in the ancient time, how He speaks with the people there, like to Mary and Joseph will be the same to this generation and the generation to come.

I really don’t get my hopes up right now. But what can I do if I have so much peace right now and yes I have much faith in GOD that I know He can and will able to do it! That is why it is great for us to trust him and not what we feel, as the Bible say we need to guard our hearts. Women, you are God’s masterpiece and we are created in His own image and likeness (This is from my point of view, I want to mention women specifically though this statement is general). Yes, we have blemishes right here, scars everywhere and bondages but it doesn’t mean we don’t have this one day of our lives that we can tell ourselves, “All this pain, sorrows and suffering are worth it and today I don’t even know that they existed before because you made them worth it and the joy I have now is nothing compared to the pain I have in the past, you are forever worth it!” It is not that I emphasize more about this man in my dreams but about how GOD can turn my stories to a story of hope and of His great love. Glory all to Him! (Story in progress…)

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