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I’ve been watching a lot of rom coms recently, and I realized that I also want one. Being the realist (or pessimist?) that I am, I’ve dismissed the fact that relationships are always easy breezy, that the main characters would always find ways to end up together with minimal effort.

Rom coms or even kdramas helped us escape on what relationships should be. It’s not always pretty, there are a lot of fights, which will sometimes make us question if it is still worth it to stay, and be with that person. Though this is portrayed in movies as main characters encounter conflict, the outcome or even the complications is not comparable in real life. Couples deal with pressure from family members, issues about money or conflict with their long term plans.

In one of the scenes of a Thai movie, the lead actress said, “If this was a movie, I would have made it on time.” Of course being on time means being with the person she loves, thus leading to a happy ending. In life, there are no script writers nor directors who will tell us what to do. We have to use our own judgment, and trust our instincts to determine if that person is worth taking chances with. There would be a lot of missed opportunities and wrong timings as we find that special person. The best that we can do is to learn from our mistakes, and never compromise our standards to avoid unnecessary trauma.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As we journey through life, may we find that person who’d be the leading man/woman in the rom com that we dream of.  I’m a believer of being proactive when it comes to finding “the one”. As I search for him, I continue to work on myself, so that I become more worthy of being loved. My prayer is that God continues to guide me each day with the decisions I make, and may that person he has destined for me continue to work on himself so that we have more to give when my being proactive yields results.

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