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You are out in the world enjoying every moment,
It could be while at work or hanging out with your friends,
But when it’s about time to go home you have a feeling of fear,
That the pain may come back and so are the tears.

You promised yourself that you won’t look,
But here you are again stalking her on Facebook,
You’re like a disaster waiting to happen,
And deciding again with reckless abandon.

You said you’ll forget her but then what happened?
You just took another trip down memory lane,
Where you smiled for a bit just to be sad again for the nth time,
You said you’ll find yourself but then have you lost your mind?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

If you overstay in the office you’ll remember the late conversations,
If you eat breakfast alone you’ll remember your talks about finance and moderation,
You wish that you could have done more on her birthday last November,
And you wish that you have decided differently and continued fighting for her.

For those reading this and can relate I know you have your own story to tell,
It could be that things for you are also not going so well,
You may have thought that you already moved on but then some memories will trigger,
Then you’ll realized that staying moved on is harder.

I’m not really in the best position to provide advice or recommend,
But just know that you are doing the very best you can,
We may grieve alone but on the quest of finally letting go we are in it together,
On the road to the next one and maybe on that time, it will be our forever.

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