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First of all, I would like to say sorry.

I am one of the people who didn’t even think about killing myself and I honestly laughed about people who suffered from depression. I have this habit of imagining myself as a psychiatrist and labeling my enemies with cluster B personality disorders. So, sorry.

Until recently, a woman, a friend of mine, came up to me and shared her story of how she’s physically abused and about why she’s on the verge of taking her life. The sad thing about it is—People don’t really understand. She’s close to me that is why I tried to understand and ask her questions about why people even think of killing themselves.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I, honestly, who’s been to a short and strict military training, think of laying myself down to others but suicidals are different. They are willing to die because others are not helping. They think everyone is just emotional and wants attention but it’s not. These are her words: “I do not know how people even brag about their depression on social media and some even pretend that they are suffering from depression when they do not even know the pain and difficulty of suffering from depression. *insert curses here*”

So, what I did was, I went to Google and asked how to help people suffering from depression especially those who do not want to go to a psychiatrist (she’s afraid to go to a doctor because she doesn’t want to remember what happened in her childhood experience that made her depressed. She’s scared.) I found a lot of things that are pretty basic for us human beings like listening to them, comforting them and letting them know that we are there. I was like, “Come on! This is it?” Then, I remembered: We are in a noisy world where people don’t even take the time to listen. Everyone wants to tell something, everyone wants to let people know about who they are and how great are they but we are actually missing a point and just stay silent and LISTEN.

THERE ARE OVER 1 MILLION PEOPLE EVERY YEAR WHO KILL THEMSELVES, many of them refuse medication and afraid to go to a doctor because they are afraid that they’ll be judged. They kill themselves because that is the only hope and escape that they have in a hopeless world that is full of suffering.

To those who are taking up BS Psychology, please be mindful of the intensity and weight of the profession you chose. My fellow failures, social media judging and jokes about people suffering from mental illnesses are actually not helping them open up. To those who keep on hurting people by playing with their emotions, don’t be a jerk. You do not want to be a part of somebody’s pain, trust me.

If 1 million people kill themselves every day, how many, do you think, are the ones suffering from loneliness, pain, and depression out there? Our brokenness is not negotiable, people.

To my fellow Christians, we were made complete in Christ and we are the only hope they have. Let us become the light that God chose us to be.

I have very little knowledge of what I am talking about here but I hope this helped us understand and listen more.

People slowly heal when they’re heard, everyone. Even you.

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