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One day, I will get the love that I deserve.

The intensity of what I give will all come back to me. 

Like how the moon dies every night to let the sun breathe, no matter how hard it would take, the moon would still sacrifice for the sake of the sun. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

One day, someone will accept my flaws and I won’t have to be sorry for it. 

For all the things that I lack but am willing to try at my very best, he will understand. 

Amidst the shortcomings, he will stay and hold my hand towards the end. 

One day, I won’t have to beg for love. All the love I’ve given will flow back to me, and at that time, it is no longer forced, but it will flow naturally and willingly. 

One day, I won’t have to beg for attention. A person would give me his because that’s what I yearn and what I need.

One day, I will get the love that I truly deserve. 

Unfortunately, that day isn’t today.. 

but will it ever come, though? 

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