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To the heart that shut its emotions down…
Apathy is now your crown.
Quench the passion. Extinguish the compassion.
Remove all colors if you want.
Numb all senses that haunt.
Just take your time.
Let reason function in this grime.
But I know it is certain:
One day you’ll surpass this mountain.

To the heart that shut its beats up…
Silence is now at your lap.
Hush the voice. Lull the noise.
Mute all sounds if you wish.
Quell all murmurs that hiss.
Just take your time.
Let stillness operate in this crime.
But I know it will happen:
One day you’ll pulsate in a flowery garden.

To the heart shut the world out…
Solitude is now your crowd.
Cut connections. Sever relations.
Break all bonds if you like.
Burn all bridges that unite.
Just take your time.
Let loneliness be your harp and chime.
But I know it will just be for a while:
One day, at the sight of others, you’ll smile.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

To the heart that shut itself in…
Confinement is now your kin.
Obscure your essence. Isolate your existence.
Build towering walls as you please.
Imprison all feelings that don’t cease.
Just take your time.
Let captivity draw its line.
But make sure you promise:
One day you’ll get out of this crevice.

To the heart that shut its soul off…
Despair is now your trove.
Give up on hope. You can just mope.
Lament and cry in anguish if you need to.
Agonize all memories that you heed to.
Just take your time.
Let brokenness dry out your tears like brine.
But I have faith in God’s healing:
One day in Him you’ll be rejoicing.

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