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Hi it’s me
I can now finally set you free
Those memories that you left me
came crushing down on me

I wanna shout baby have you forgotten about me
I’m still here
I’ve been wanting you to come over and cheer
Like you’ve always do and
I want you to re do

I just miss those times when I get excited telling you what happened to my day.
Those times when you told me you love me day by day.
Those “take care’s” and “don’t skip meals”
Those “I love you’s” turns to “tears”

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Up until now I think you’re still my home,
Home I cannot call my own
I wanna run to you even thou you have thorns.
I want you to be there even at my deepest storms.

It keeps me awake every goddamn night
I wish you hold tight
Why didn’t you fight?
Don’t worry my love I’m alright

It’s just that, I miss you
I miss the way you call me baby
I miss everything we did crazy
Although we end up messy

I’ll always pray and get guidance from above
I still wish all the best for you love
I’ll let you fly like a dove
Soar high my love

Even without me
Even without us
I know you’ll do great things
Go fly high and spread your wings

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