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I wonder all the things that could happen if I said yes to you at that time.

I wonder if I said yes, I won’t have to feel this heart ache,

I wonder if I said yes, we’ll end up saying I do and live happily ever after,

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I just wonder if all of it will really come true.


I was broken and hurt the time I knew you had a girlfriend.

I tried to deny everything because I knew I didn’t like you.

For me there was no reason to be hurt, but then things just changed.

I remember your every effort of getting to know me, of ensuring that I get home safely and sometimes accompanying me at the hospital.

I just reminisce the times you’ve shown so much effort and yet I did not appreciate it.

I thought to myself “hindi pala kita kaya mapunta sa iba.”

I guess it’s really true that you’ll know the value of the person when he or she is gone.

I tried to find a lot of reason why I shouldn’t say yes to a courtship with you. “You were not my type, maliit siya, wala siyang leadership.”

But I guess, it was not you but me not being prepared.

I was in a season of where I’m trying to find myself, my purpose, what can I do, fixing my personal issues, and so on. If you knew everything about this, will things change?

Would you’ve not given up so easily and will pursue me at the right time?

I guess not.

I think, maybe I just really have to happen for the two of you to meet again.

In case you come across this blog, know that I’m really happy for you.

Thank you for being kind to me and loving me with all that I am.

As much as I want you back at akin ka na lang ulit please. I can’t do that.

I am never meant to be a destroyer.


Hopefully I can move on from this heartbreak that you never knew. I let go Lord. #Paubaya


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