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If you wanna talk but you don’t have words

Send me your playlist,
We’ll listen to every song in it.
Suggest a movie or series,
We’ll discuss each part of it

Tag me in silly photos and memes
Or we could just chat about our dreams.
Or maybe we could talk about the future,
To travel around and experience nature.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Are you watching the skies,
And stare at the stars?
Are you waiting for the sunset,
Or you just slack in the car?

Tell me when you’re inspired,
Or even when you’re tired
Do you just want to sleep,
Or are you up for a dip?

Tell me when you’re angry,
Or even when you’re hungry (hehe)
Does your stomach upset you,
Or you’re craving for something, too?

“How did your day go?”
“Is something bothering you?”
“What keeps you up at night?”
“Did I ever cross your mind?”

Tell me anything and I’ll be listening.

Send me the best BW Tampal!

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