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I can still remember the last time I saw your face. You were faking a smile to make me feel ok. But I know deep in my heart that there’s something wrong. While I wait for you to say a word, you were so eager to walk away. And I was left asking myself how unfair could you get.

After several years of thinking what might have been, I woke up one day and just felt nothing. I am not missing you, I am not looking for you, and I don’t even know you. It’s amazing how God healed the wounds and restored everything. What I thought would be a lifetime of misery was just years of trying—trying to move on and to live my life like how it was before I’ve known you. Though I have struggled every day, I’ve found an inner strength that I know I won’t be able to find with you by my side.

Let me thank you for breaking my heart because I’ve learned to live my life alone. I’ve embraced loneliness and realized that happiness is found within. Thus, I’ve become my own hero who wants to save everyone because I know how it feels to have no one. Most of all, I have learned what I deserve—not the mediocre kind of love that you offer.

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Thank you for the sleepless nights because it gave me the time to think about the future without you and I never thought that it could be this beautiful, amazing, and wonderful. I thank God that you’re not part of it anymore. For if you were here, I wouldn’t discover what I am capable of doing. I wouldn’t know that I can face each day with a smile, become a better version of myself, and be ok by overcoming with what life has thrown at me— the good, the beautiful, and the ugly. Most of all, I wouldn’t know that everything is uncertain and that promises are only as good as who made it.

Thank you for breaking my heart because I’ve learned who and what really matters. Looking back, I realized that when you’re bruised by love it is your friends and family who’ll make you feel the most incredible, invincible person in the world. They will tell you things you’re not aware of. They’ll take you to places you’ve never been to, and they’ll push you to go further to reach your dreams.

I may have cried a lot of tears but I will never regret you leaving. The day you left was the exact moment God whispered that I am worth the fight, I am worth waiting for, and I am His beloved princess and I shouldn’t settle for a frog. Thus, he will bring me the one at the right time when I am ready for it. Someone who will take care of me, will hold my hands, and make me believe that fairy tales are for real, too. But until such time, I need to be patient.

Thank you for breaking my heart because I am now closer to my fairy tale and the beginning of my happy ending. I have to admit that closing our book was very hard, but I had to— because I learned that life waits for no one. Our lives will go on whether we’re not ready for it. It may sound ironic but I thank God every day because you gave up on me. If it wasn’t for that moment, those blurry eyes, and fake smile, I wouldn’t know how it feels to have someone holding my hands now.

To the one who broke my heart, I wish you happiness. Whether you are sorry for the past or weren’t sorry at all, its ok. Don’t worry about me because I am perfectly fine. I am living the life God wants me to have. Despite of it all, I still consider myself blessed and lucky to have known you. We may have a bitter ending but believe me, it was once my favorite story. But life goes on and yes, we all need to move on. And for that, I’m now into a new chapter of my life.

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