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In the hillside where I stand
A man who held my hand
Took promised never to leave me
Disguised as a clown.
A mask hidden and fooling me around.
He took my heart and laugh so hard.
The circus he made run for fun.
Poor innocent lad trust the clown.
He painted colors and moons above.
Foolish am I to believe we can reach the heavens high.
Just play the happiness where he is the star.
A puppet play where I'm the prey.
Frightened I was and run so fast.
To the vast forest again where I lost and hide.
Tears fall on eyes.
And rain fall from the skies.
I just wanted to love and beloved.
Still destiny was cruel like winter times.
Why is only word running on my mind.
My heart was ripped and broken.
Is there someone who heal hearts?
A man who will accept these wrecked hearts.
Replace it with genuine and scarlet one.
Embrace me with his summer love.
Am walking nowhere to somewhere. 
To the ends of the rainbow.
Where the rain stops and sun shines.
Who will be there and answer my why's.

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