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A letter to someone who left me.


How are you? I pray nothing but God’s best for your life.
I hope you are doing great and happy.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I know that what happened to us is hard for you too.
I know it breaks your heart when God told you to leave me.
I know your in pain when your about to decide to submit to His plan for me and for us.

I know that when you will see me crying and begging you not to leave me will break your heart and will make you not to do what God has told you, that’s way you left me without a word.
I understand. I forgave you.

And I just want to thank you for that.
Thank you for submitting to God.

I am happy now,
I am enjoying my season and loving my relationship with the Lord.

I accepted the fact that you are not part of my life now.
It’s hard, but I know that this is according to His plan.

How I wish you’ll see me growing and progressing, I know you will be proud and happy for me because I witnessed it before, you being my number 1 fan and supporter.

I am now giving the pen in God hands.
At hayaan Siyang magsulat ng love story ko.
If it is His will to continue to write our story, He will lead us together. In His time. In His ways.

Pero kung will Niya na tuldukan na ito.
I believe that it is the best and good for us.

Thank you for the years of loving me.
Thank you for all the memories.

I can now finally say,
Thank you for letting me go.

Take care.

Working in progress

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