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Yes! It’s all started with a wave. That is supposedly just for fun, but little do I know that it is where it’s started.

I waved, you waved back, from that day to ALMOST a year. Yes! Almost a year. Chat, videocall, roadtrips and more, we enjoy every moment as if we knew each other so well, we don’t care about the world as long as we’re happy. Every moment feels like we owned the world. It felt like “hey! Baka ito na yung sinasabi nilang forever”.

Hours, days, and months had passed. We’re contented, we’re happy, we enjoy each others company. Until one day, it felt like “bakit parang nag iba? Bakit parang hindi na tulad ng dating masaya? May iba na ba?” But knowing you, I know hindi ka ganon.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But why is it that I felt doubt? I felt that you’re losing interest, bakit hindi na kagaya ng dati? I still remember when I needed you the most but you fckng ignore my messages. That was the day that I needed a friend, I need you but you’re no where to be found. But eventhough that happens, why am I still into you? Why is that I’m still hoping we can bring back what we had before.

Days and months had passed, it becomes worst, you don’t chat me anymore, to the point na kung hindi ako mag memessage ay hindi karin. There we’re many questions and why’s on my mind. ‘bat ganon? Did I do something wrong? Bakit parang hinahabol na kita? Hindi naba talaga maibabalik pa? I dunno kung saan ko hinugot ang lakas ng loob ko to tell you that we both needed space, masyado nakong nasaktan to the point na nagdadoubt nako pati sa sarili and I know it’s not me. Hindi ako ganto dati. We both needed time but you promise that walang maghahanap ng iba. But siguro nga promises are meant to be broken and you find your special someone now. And I managed to chat you na it is all ok with me and you don’t have to worry. You still got a friend in me even you, yourself broke what you have said.

It take me a month or two to move on, to let go and be happy. As I wrote this now, I can say that I am happier than being with you in the past.

To the girl he loves now:

HALUNGI SA, GINGUBA YANA PROMISE YA SAKON PARA SIMO (take care of him, he broke his promise to me for you)



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