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My Treasure Has a New Gem Now
I still recall the times that we are happily in love with each other, those good times that we didn’t asked for more. I still recall, that we are both contented with the affection and love that we had.
I still recall those late night talks while we are walking on the road at three in the morning talking about our life and how tough our life is. As we are both sharing stares, kisses, and laughter as if it is our last day.
I still recall how you pat my back when I was in the verge of problems. You’re always the man that I can count on during my worst and best days and I was grateful for that before.
I still recall our plans together. Those ambitions of yours that you want to achieve, those compassionate plans of yours that you’re trying to reach. I still believes in you, I know you can claim it.
Time passed by, and our love begin to fade. I was ready to fought that time just to saved us, but you gave up. You gave up all the bonds the we had, you vanished all the happy and gibberish moments that we had. I can’t believe that it’s easy for you to threw those memories that we made. How sad, that it’s easy for you to forget those memories that we wrote in the stars.
You left.
Every night I asked the stars why you left? Every night I am fighting with my own tears and anxiety, asking myself several times on things that where did I go wrong?
I will not deny the fact that I lost a treasure that I am cherishing for. I lost a gem that I did took care with. I lost you, but you didn’t lost me.
How sad that we promised not to drift ways, but it was a cliché. Indeed, promises are meant to be broken.
I heard that you already had a new gem that you are taking care now. I am glad and happy for that, and I guess you are genuinely happy with her? I hope that she will took care of you just liked I did to you when we are together.
How sad, that you already found someone else while I’m still on the verge of moving forward. How I wish it is easy. How I wish that moving forward can be a blink of an eye.
How can I forget you, when you gave me your world and happiness that no one can offer it to me.
How can I forget you, when you made me feel that I was so special, and fragile like an expensive Chandelier.
How can I forget you, when you made me feel a priceless diamond which is expensive to be bought.
How can I forget you if my world only rotates on you.
How can I forget you if you are my sunshine when rain pours down.
And all those memories we had I thought happy endings exist but it was a cliché.
Everything comes from an end. Everyone leaves. And you are the living proof of it.
But even though you left me hanging with no specific reasons I still found many reasons to be happy. I’m happily loving myself for now, molding it to became stronger and courageous to face the battle of pain everyday.
Thank you for leaving and thank you for not staying, you made me realize that I am a Gem who needs to be treasured by someone who is good in keeping, and It’s not you.

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