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Ang sarap sa feeling kapag nameet mo yung taong magpapatibok ng puso mo. Yun bang sobrang compatible nyong dalawa na it makes you realize na he/she’s “The One”. Bubuo na kayo ng image ng magiging future nyo, mag iinvest na kayo sa isa’t isa mentally, physically and financially to make your dreams come true. Yung pinapangarap nyong bahay, anak, kotse, pets, career, etc. is already within reach by the palm of your hands. Then suddenly pinaglaruan kayo ng tadhana and the both of you…


Broke up.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Life happened.

The end na ng kwento niyong dalawa.

Yung mga pangarap nyo, nasira na.

Yung mundo nyo, huminto na.


Devastating right? You feel like dying every minute of everyday, wondering what went wrong. Maybe you’ll beg for him/her to come back but he/she hits you with the reality na ayaw niya sayo, na hindi ka na niya mahal. From that point, hindi mo na alam anong gagawin mo. You’ll just find yourself staring at the ceiling at 2am with tears creeping up your eyes.


So how do you get through this? I might not know how much pain you’re going through but I hope this helps.


Here are 5 steps on how to heal a broken heart:


Step 1 – Be broken

Let yourself feel the sadness and emptiness. Let your mind think over and over again. Let your eyes fill up with tears. Let yourself feel. Let yourself be broken. Hayaan mong mapagod kang masaktan. If you suppress that pain and keep fooling yourself na “okay lang ako”, one day when you accidentally meet him/her or see his/her pictures in social media or a random memory of you both passed by your mind, you’ll feel that pain again and again and might result to bad decisions. Kung pipigilan mong masaktan ngayon, masasaktan at masasaktan ka padin in the future and it’ll be harder for you kasi babalik at babalik yung sakit na mararamdaman mo imbis na sana nakamove on ka na. Embrace the pain. When you truly love someone, hindi mo talaga maiiwasan tong step na to kasi kaya yan naging ganyan kasakit kasi naging ganun kasaya.


Step 2 – Reflect

Don’t reflect while you’re hurting because may tendency na hindi mo din marealize yung mali mo. May tendency na you’ll make excuses sa sarili mo na its all his/her fault kahit na deep inside alam mo sa sarili mong nagkamali kadin. It takes two to tango in a relationship. Kung minahal nyo naman ang isa’t isa, I’m sure na both of you had your reasons. Reflect on those reasons. Dito sa step na to matetrace mo what went wrong in your relationship. This is where you’ll see the wisdom and the lesson on your relationship. Sooner or later, you’ll find clarity in this chaotic world.


Step 3 – Acceptance

Pag narealize mo na ano yung naging mali mo, what went wrong in your relationship and learned the wisdom from your breakup, mas madali mo nang matatanggap yung mga pangyayari. Mas madali mo nang matatanggap na wala na siya, na maybe that breakup is for the best for the both of you. Maybe that breakup is a blessing in disguise to give way for the right person for you. Take this opportunity to open your mind more and accept life as it is and move on. Life will still continue kahit wala na kayo kaya take the step to move forward. You’ve got so much to offer to the world to make it even just for a little bit better.


Step 4 – Heal

Heal yourself. Love yourself. Make improvements for yourself. Spend some time with your family and friends and God. Make extra efforts on your career. Go travel alone and find yourself. Do some things that you cannot do before because you were too afraid to try it out. Make yourself beautiful again. Make new experiences and memories. It is now the time to open a new chapter of your book. Believe in hope. Believe in YOU.



Step 5 – Love again

When you go through a break up, you’ll hesitate to take this step. Matatakot kang baka in the end eh bumalik ka ng step 1 and because of that fear, you’ll start pushing away people.

Don’t lose hope in love just because someone broke your heart. Love always come with pain. Its inevitable. Wala namang “perfect” relationship. Magkakaron at magkakaron ng ups and downs but what makes it perfectly imperfect is when the both of you work things out when things go bad instead of giving up with each other. So I’ve come to believe that broken hearts are given to us to learn. Think of it as a blessing in disguise.

Take the risk to love again than regret later on why you didn’t. Take the leap. Wag mong i-mindset na mabobroken hearted ka lang din ulit. Hindi ka pa nga nag uumpisa, nasa dulo ka na agad. You never know, baka malampasan mo yung “right one” kung papairalin mo yang takot mo.


So that’s it. The 5 steps on how to heal a broken heart. Ang simple lang diba, bilang lang sa kamay. I wish going through with it is just a simple as reading this. Just take all the time you need and don’t rush things up. Well to some people, saglit lang nila to. Yung iba naman, it takes them years to complete this step. Sabagay, paiba iba nga naman tayo.


Katulad ko, hanggang ngayon nasa step 1 padin ako.

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