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Thank you for not staying

Thank you for letting me go,
So that i can grow

As you walked away,
the memories you left starts to sway.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The wounds that you left,
Becomes the lesson that i will never forget

Before you and me,
There was God and me

I realize that when someone leave,
God will make you live

When something dies,
God will make it rise

Thank you for believing that “I” can.
And God, my foundation that will not be shaken.

As I guard my heart for the days to come
Me and my God will be one

Now my heart is at peace from crying.
Still in the process of healing

But one thing is for sure,
Everything we had is now in closure

Moving on from the past
And accepting everything that wont last.

Thank you for not staying,
To the man that i thought my blessing.

From now on as I keep on waiting,
And accomplishing my calling

I will be still
And follow his will.

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