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You are my confusion,

My tears and my frustration,

I am not here to provide exaggeration,

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Just wanna lay and explain my inhibition.


There were times when life is too cruel,

Being held in your arms is just a fantasy fuel,

I know it will never happen any moment sooner,

Yet a part of me want to nitro to the day when our heart seems more closer.


I decided to wait, but people around me said no,

It was not worth it, so lady you must go,

Don’t be stuck in there, and meet someone new, for you to glow ,

Love was not only found, as sometimes time makes it sprout and grow.



So I did, and met this charming beau,

He’s way too caring and so far from you,

He makes me chuckles and I felt so true,

But then again, fuck heart for aching all night trough.


This heart wanted someone who doesn’t pay attention,

Someone who only see his dream and   care for his lesson,

Someone who remembers, when life started to drag him down with impulsion,

Cause he knew, I will always be there, any time without the so called exception.


He makes my heart flutters, and all I can do is curse,

If staying out of line will benefit me, I’ll gladly change my course,

And if he ever followed, still armed with his false hope,

Try to drive away so fast and diminish in the shadow down the slope.


Those longings will be locked, and will not make it scout

Cause it will crush one’s pride, if just let it in the out.

Will cry more but smile a lot as i wait for the day..

I’m prepared and could already burst and say..


Do you really not know how much scared I was,

Do you really think this is easy as it is part of the past,

God knows how much I am willing to be brave for myself,

I don’t want to distruct just because of the overflowing pity on top of my shelf.


So please stop showing me, your confusing intentions,

There no way out for me, if I walk towards those scary directions,

Its way to dark, no shed of light in your holy possessions,

Finally, enough being a victim who once fell in your stupid pretentions.

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