Saan ako mag sisimula? Im so lost right now, I dont even know how to begin this process. Kalimutan ka? Unlove you? How will I? Can I?

For two years, My life revolved around you as if you were my world. You became my dream. I thought, ikaw na, ikaw na talaga yung nakalaan sa kin. I began to feel so contented kasi anjan ka na.

I want to hate you for constantly forgiving you, for accepting you every-time you want to come back, pero bakit nung ako? Di mo kaya? Bakit nagmahal ka agad ng iba? Pwede namang ako ulit eh.

I cant imagine you having your dreams built but with someone new. Im imagining how you caress her cheeks, how you touch her hair, how you hold her hand, how you kiss her, and how you love her the way you used to loved me. Its killing me kasi ang dali mong maging masaya sa iba at alam kong di kana babalik.

Ever since you left, there was never a day that I wouldn’t miss you, your laugh, your smell, the way you make me feel as if Im safe around you, those giggles every time I tickle you, your I love you’s that can make me feel at ease and your mere presence, enough to make me believe that reality is better than any fantasy.

If ever, you’ll come back because you realized, you still love me, with my open arms, ill welcome you back. I could never love another as much as I love you.