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For those years that we spent together, I wondered why you did not pursue me.

My heart whispered that maybe I was not enough. Perhaps, I was not the woman you dreamed of.

I just ended it with the reality that I was not the woman that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

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My heart was broken into pieces when I finally surrendered and decided to let my feelings go. It won’t matter anyway.

I had a little drama with God and asked Him, “why did you not give him to me?” But He became quiet.

I was heartbroken. I missed your sweet little gestures. I missed your smile. I missed everything about you. But I became determined to run after my freedom from your presence.

It was quite hard at first because your presence suddenly just appeared anywhere at any moment. But I chose to move on from being a prisoner of my own hopes and dreams that someday, I would be your wife.

I thought I could not pick myself up again. Yet, I did.

I thought my shattered heart won’t be made whole again. But God gathered those broken pieces of my heart and made it perfectly whole.

His silence did not mean He did not hear me.

In His silence, He was busy writing my love story. Not with you though but with someone else.

Then He gave my new heart to someone whom He knew would love me the way He does.

He entrusted it to someone who could take care of and carefully hold it so it won’t be broken again.

Thank you for not pursuing me.

Because of that, I found the one that perfectly synchronized with my soul.

Thank you for not pursuing me.

Someone did and he loves me.

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