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Staying with you
Isn’t the best place
Truth is
Being with you
Is the hardest part
I whisper

Haven’t you notice?
Isnt I love you
A lie I’m telling
Isnt forever
A lie that I promised

“Hey, I’m alone”
I tell myself to stop believing
You are with me

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

My heart & mind can stay at ease without you
I cannot say that
You are my future

I am fond of different guys
It is impossible that
My heart beats only for you

Guys other than you catch my attention
It is ridiculous that
My heart jumps and gets excited only for you

Unconditional love is foolishness
It saddens me to say
”Always and forever, I love you.”

I wanna leave you
I don’t want to go through hardships with you and,
I will never say
I want to marry you and spend my lifetime with you.

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