What are the things that I’ve learned during that short lived infatuation hook up? Yes, I have proven that just like any other human beings, I’m prone to that crazy feeling of being emotionally drawn to someone. Thanks to him, he let me feel that I’m a woman too and admittedly… minus the struggles that the feeling has caused me, I have gained a higher level of self confidence, was encouraged to improve myself (even  physically) and was trained how to handle emotional turbulence. And that’s the blessing behind that!

Above all, I was able to see how God’s grace works even in times that I am blinded by my emotions, how God patiently puts up with me even at times that I allow myself to fall; how He understands me whenever my heart gets far from Him, whenever I desire more and try to do things my way; and on how He has shown me that He is the greatest lover of my soul.