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There are so many more things that I wanted to say, and I should’ve said it that night
That “last night” of our call, our conversation, and my last glimpse of you
I realized I should’ve said how much I love you
I should’ve stared at you countless times
I should’ve stayed up just to be with you
You surprised me the next day that you needed space
You told me that it wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about our relationship, and that there’s nothing to worry about
You told me you did not want a breakup and you just needed time to think
But then after a few days you said, It was finally over
Alam ko naman
Naiintindihan ko naman
Pero hindi ko matanggap
One time lang ako napagod pero hindi ako sumuko
One time ka lang napagod pero ikaw ang sumuko
And now, how do I move on?
How do I forget you?
Akala mo ganun lang kadali
Akala ko ganun lang kadali
Pero hanggang ngayon naalala pa din kita
It’s been one week and 3 days
We’ve been together for a year but that whole year was everything
You were my everything
And in the meantime, just let me love you
Just let me miss you
Just let me think of you
Because I know one day, hanggang memories ka nalang ng unfinished love story ko.

Mahal na Mahal pa din kita, and sana tuluyan mong maayos ang sarili mo at makamit lahat ng pangarap mo

Kahit wala na ko..

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