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I appreciate you as an answer to my prayer.

I don’t want to give you mixed signals

because you don’t deserve confusion but, clarity and sincerity.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Though it may take away the thrill and mystery.

I’d rather be true to you with pure intentions in developing a genuine connection.

Even though I am partly afraid to fall short of your standard.

I have taken the courage to face reality rather than pretend to be someone I am not.

I appreciate your captivating charm, your personality, your perspectives, your time and attention, and the way we talk in the purest thoughts of conversation.

I appreciate you for who you are, for what you are, the way you make yourself comfortable conversing with me, the way you talk, smile, and laugh, and your subtle way of validating my intent along the way.

At sa bawat paglipas ng araw, the more I treasured your well-being, and the way you expressed yourself, and spent time conversing with me even how busy you were.

You mean to me—I value you.

Tila ikaw ang pahiwatig na tugon sa dalangin.

You’re the right person that comes for me for a reason and season.

At kung tunay ngang ikaw ang sagot sa panalangin,
Sa bawat araw na darating,
Ikaw at ikaw ang pipiliin.

Not until iyong SABIHING, hanggang KAIBIGAN lang talaga ang MAITUTURING mo sa akin.

Answered prayer,
Kaibigan mo

P.S: After all, I appreciate you bilang tugon sa panalangin—bahagi ng proseso patungo sa nakalaang tamang tao.

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