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I know it hurts to let go and let someone be happy to someone else. Seeing them happier with someone they value more than us is a torture right?

I know it sucks thinking those unforgettable memories that keep on banging inside your head, as if they are begging you to over think, to make scenarios and to lose your control. Sometimes it is not really the person we missed, but the memories we had with that person. The norms and the hobbies we used to live with that person.

I know it went you crazy thinking what you lacked of. It went you gaga asking yourself what had been gone wrong why the person you love left you with a bizarre reason, the worse, that person left you, hanging and clueless.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I know it is quite hard to forget everything but I know, you can do it. Moving on is a step by step process. It doesn’t matter how long would that be, what matter is your full recovery from a wrong person. There comes a time when a right man would come for you, to give what you deserve and to settle with you through ups and downs. A man of consistency, probably not your ideal one but the one who would make you as their ideal. Don’t lose your hope, there’s always a reason beyond our control. Don’t just be a girl— be a lady.

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