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To my ex-lover,

Hi. How are you? I hope you are doing fine. I hope you are happy now with the other girl you chose over me. I know I have flaws that made you cheat on me and I blame myself for not being enough. I even blamed God for how he created me. I’m not pretty, I’m not sexy, I can’t even wear clothes correctly, I have a bad fashion sense, I guess. But as I reminisce, I realize that you are the problem, not me. You cheated not because of me but because of you. You lied not because of who I am, but because you choose to. You see her not because I’m not around but because you made chances even when I’m with you. You betrayed me not because you know I loved you and I can forgive you anytime but because you know that I will never leave no matter what. You choose her not because you loved her but because you know that I will always be here for you when your relationship with her didn’t work out. But you are wrong, people change, people learn and people move on. I became paralyzed that I can’t move my feet away from you before but I’m happy that God let me spread my wings to fly far away from you.

I wrote this letter not to rant about you but just to let you know that I am fully healed now. It took me 2 years and 8 months to totally move on from you, from the pains, regrets, betrayals, sadness, and heartaches you caused me. You know I loved you so much in the past to the point of forgetting who I really am. I forgot dignity, self-care, pride and I become naive. You know what? As I think of the things I’ve done for you, I pity myself for becoming so desperate about you, so desperate for your love and attention. I pity myself for letting other people pity my situation. I pity myself for not having the courage to leave at the very moment I caught you cheating on me. Maybe because I believe that you will change, but I am wrong.
I can never change you because you don’t want to. That is fine. I hope you are changing now, not for me but for who you are with. I hope you are treating her right. I hope you already learned your lesson and never break her heart.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I also wrote this letter to thank you. Thank you for the love you made me feel. Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally. Thank you for the laughs that we shared. Thank you for the comfort when my days went wrong.Thank you for everything. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the sleepless nights. Thank you for the meals I skipped. Thank you for the stress. Thank you for not changing. Thank you for cheating on me not once but, how many times again is that? Thank you for the scars. Thank you for breaking my heart. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for the way you treated me, both good and bad. Thank you for the lessons you thought me. I can never learn those lessons from anyone else but you. Thank you for the new doors you opened for me. Thank you because of everything I experienced with you, made me who I am today. I am stronger. I am confident. I am now taking my path towards success. And I am happier. I am definitely okay now, I thought I can never be this way. I thought that I can never move on from you. But as what they say, “Time is the best healer,” and that is true. I am okay now. Trust me. I can say that I am now ready to fall in love again, ready to take a risk in love again.

Now that I am fine, I hope that you are fine too. I hope you find your true happiness with the path you chose. Because I am. I feel so blessed now that God let me see my worth. I feel the greatest love of God by setting me free.

As this letter ends, I wish you true happiness because you let me feel my true happiness by setting me free. Thank you and good luck.

Sincerely yours,

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