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We are all dreamers,
we lived in the picturesque image of our goals. It is human nature to aspire something big, something valuable, and yearn of becoming happy and successful in our chosen paths. Dreaming shows us the pulchritudes of life. It conveys a message that aiming something gives us the essence to live and to work hard to achieve our ambitions–it keeps us moving. When we set ourselves to certain goals, that is when we discover who we are. It allows us to fathom ourselves more through recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, our flaws, personality, and even our emotions. A dream is something powerful that it gives us direction where are we headed to. In the quest of achieving our dreams, Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said that “We should be careful about what we water our dreams with. If we water it with worry and fear, it will produce weed that will choke the life of our dream. If we water it with optimism and solutions and it will cultivate success.” Dreaming is freedom, it is not biased. It does not choose any gender, age, race, occupation. Anyone can have a dream and it connects people together. Don’t let your dream just be dream make them into reality. We can do this because we have Christ that gives us strength.
You, what’s your dream?

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