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You are loved but you choose to ignore it
You are cared for but you remain distant
You are understood but you don’t even care
You are pursued but you push Him away

You are loved but you feel unwanted,
Ignored, unworthy, unloved, unaccepted,
You see that the world and everybody is going against you
That’s why you tend to ignore someone who cares a lot about you

You are cared for but you choose not to see
Because everything you see is negativity
Instead of care, you feel oppressed
You no longer see the goodness of life so you choose to be distant

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You are understood but you feel being judged,
Condemned, beaten up, stoned from all sides,
You are tired, crushed and more than weary
Words are not enough to define how painful life can be

You are pursued but all you see is how they broke you
Your heart is so callous, numb and no longer beat
Compassion is gone, faith is dry, joy is but a memory
Where is the old flame?
Where is the old ME?

Where are You, Lord?
Why am I stuck here?
Why are my feelings like these?
Please remove everything that is not for me.
Please break my heart from what breaks Yours.
Please make me see what You sees in me.
I am deeply anxious, please fight for me.
My soul longs and thirsts for you.
This battle is hard for me to handle.
I will lay my eyes on You, Lord
And I will lay at Your feet this battle within me.

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