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I’m sure, men also struggle, not only women. But now, let me speak for women who are struggling on a daily basis. What does make us struggle? (Yes, the writer is one of you.)

We have fears, anxieties, depressive periods, what else? Do we really know the root cause? Is it because of family restoration, relationships, finances, sins in the past, generational curses? I can’t count the number of times that I asked myself this question: “There you go again. When will you learn and finally let God handle it for you?” On the other hand, I also can’t count the number of times that I cried to God during worship, prayer and thanksgiving.

You know what I’ve come to realize? (Disclaimer: I know I shouldn’t compare each one’s situation, but I just want to speak out from my own experience) All those times that I spent having fears, anxieties, overthinking, bitterness are just ALL LIES from the enemy. A powerful tool that we can use against him is PRAYER, for he trembles every time we pray. He makes us stumble with lies to walk away from God, but God is the only One who can lift us and put us back to where we should be.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Even Christians are not perfect, and I never want to be a self-righteous one.

Don’t trust me, but TRUST GOD, this everyday struggle will COME to an end. Let us pray for each other that are in the same situation. Let us claim that we are women of faith. We must have that steadfast FAITH because we know that we have a steadfast God who will always love us no matter what.

I really felt sorry for the times (in the past) that I used to judge some of the people who were in the same kind of situation; even some of them are people that I know.

Let us learn to show our love and respect even to people who are not close to us.

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