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I will not take it against you. Never. To me, you are a blessing disguised as pain.

As iron sharpens iron. So is one person sharpens another. Sharpener. That’s who you are. Sharpener. Yan ang role mo sa life ko. Akala ko pain ka. Hinasa lang pala ako ng Panginoon for His greater glory. The process was painful — very painful, but I came out better, stronger and wiser.

Kung sa process ng paggawa ng pearl, ikaw yung irritant who works its way into the shell and wound its vulnerable part. Ako yung fluid o nacre na umagos dahil sa sugat na idinulot mo. Then, something miraculous happens. Layer upon layer of this nacre is piled up hanggang nabuo ang pearl. Kung wala ang sugat na dinulot mo, nanatili akong jammed fluid. Walang movement. Walang value.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Coming now to the making of a diamond. Diba the difference between a coal and a diamond is the pressure it endures?

Ikaw yung pressure that I endured and transformed me into a diamond. Unbreakable.

I became better after it. Everything in me and around me is flourishing. Painful nga lang ang process but it was worth it.

God can use anyone to polish us. So, I will not take it against you. I would like to thank God for your life instead because through you, I become unbreakable as diamond and as precious as pearl…..and a polished person — ready to be used by the King for His greater glory!

You are a blessing disguised as pain.I needed to go through what I’ve been through so that I will be prepared for the next. Training kita bes to prepare me for the next level. God was just using you to polish me. Thank you and God bless you 😘

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