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I was in a place where only a few people knew about. It was almost as if it wasn’t this place never existed. It was my happy place. There was no stress or sadness to think of. Just pure happiness. That’s where I found my true love.

Fast forward to a few months later, I had to leave that place to study somewhere else. I left him not knowing what the consequences will be. I must say that was one of the most devastating moments of my life.

I arrived and I found the place fascinating. I mean, I was so new to the environment that I wanted to explore to the point where I almost forgot about him.

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I started school the next month I arrived in the country. I was introduced to everybody since I was new. There was a guy. At first, I thought this guy was cute. I was attracted. And I would constantly talk to him forgetting that I’m in a relationship. In those times of talking to him, I developed feelings. Feelings that you can’t explain. It felt as if spending time with him was more worth it than spending time with my boyfriend. I would constantly think about him more than my guy. Even if I was in a relationship, I treasured this guy I liked rather than my boyfriend.

We would constantly fight because I would run out of time for him and I would care less every day. We would talk every night but my interest was not him. I would get annoyed if he would text or call because at that time I knew I didn’t want him. It was like I wanted the other guy more than my boyfriend. I was getting tired. I admit it. I even almost left him. I remembered that time that I wanted to be with the new guy so much that I attempted to break up with him.

That same day, I was so ready to leave him but a feeling came. It was a feeling that made me realize his importance. I realized at that moment that he made so many sacrifices just to make me happy. Even if he was so busy, he still would try his best to give me time or to know how I was feeling. He was the only one who knew if there was something wrong.

I realized that even if I wouldn’t spend that much time with him, he was still there. Even if we fight most of the time, he would try to understand me. Even if I nearly left him, he was still there, suffering but bearing the pain for me. He fought for our love. He stayed. Most especially, he loved me even if I liked someone else.

He is my perfect definition of true love.

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