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In the North where I come from, people who are not seen in the arms of someone are called “ba-ak” as in Tagalog “matandang dalaga” or “matandang binata”. Personally, I have nothing against it but when I was younger, I cannot help but ask why some people are not married even if they are beautiful or kind or smart or whatever. It became a part of the culture that I grew up in. I realized that unconsciously in my mind if someone is single it means they are unwanted. Being in my mid-20s made me look at life from a wider perspective. Life is no longer just about falling in love, getting married, and having children of my own although those are wonderful things to have too.

Many people look at being single as a curse. It’s not. It’s a blessing. It’s a wonderful season. It’s time to discover our strengths and weaknesses. It may seem like time is passing you by but believe it or not this is exactly where you should be. You are in a wonderful season. Grow through it. Waiting is very humbling in this world of instant noodles and Tinder-founded relationships, thank You Lord for seasons such as this.

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