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We have been so close for many years
Open arms like stronghold of two souls
Relishing every good things happened in life
We are tag team and I’m your sidekick
From doleful moments and happy moments
I cherish it , if you only know,
At my deepest downfall, you were there
More than what I’ve expected
You were my reason to stand again and fight

Each one was a big impact
To pursuade each goals in life
But I felt in love clandestinely to you
Praying that you chose the right man
But that man you loved so much
Left you scars in your heart
Failed promises and conditional love
That cool guy was a trickster
Toying your trust as you stepped on his trap

Wishing to carry your pain, calvarly
In your worst days, I’m here, your alter ego
Who I was? Comforter and your prayer warrior
The time came when you have moved on already
But despite of my presence, after all the years
Sorrows, happiness, uphills, and tears
I heed the beat of my heart
But ended beyond my control

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When I opened it to you
Seem like it will follow by a goodbye
Do you wonder the joy of telling the truth?
But just a glimpse of a second
Like the rain has ceased
as well as the world stopped for a while
Dead-end , bestfriend zone, mission failed
Like an exiled man, am I not enough
To level up or to go for a next level?

Deciding by your own to end our friendship
To stop me for falling deeper to you
Is it a wise choice? After risking and giving all for you.
But who am I to argue more to you,
The biggest gamble in my life
Made my heart tremble and caused my feet to stumble
The dice rolled but not the outcome that I wish for
I guess staying with you is like a rose
So beautiful but the pungent thorns
Can hurt me.

Hoping for a positive feedback
But ended as a emotional disaster
Walking in a road without you
Is like treading alone at the desert
Maybe this how it will end our story
Wishing to see you happy in dancing with another man.
Maybe trading feelings for a big risk
Will be resulted as having a joker in your deck
I guess the start of every end is a sweet goodbye in my tearful eye.

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