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Thirty shekels of silver

were all that was used to betray

the only begotten Son of God

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on that prophesied fateful day.


He stood before the people

as they shouted, “Crucify Him!”

Placed on Him a crown of thorns,

they mockingly laughed on a whim.


Thirty shekels of silver

to fulfill all the prophecies

and save this lost, wicked world.

Through the torment, He held His peace.


Between two thieves the ultimate sacrifice

was nailed on the cross of Calvary.

All these things He did endure

Just for us to be set free.


As the veil between us was torn apart,

salvation was made free for those who believe.

But what could have been the price

for something so great to succeed?


That removed us from Satan’s grasp

to arrive home after being lost,

No, not thirty shekels of silver,

but bankrupting Heaven was its cost.


Do you see how great the sacrifice Christ made as He left His throne for the Cross?

He died for us, so we can live for Him.

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