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Full Moon

You were like the moon to me. I cannot even bring myself to desire to get to you. I was happy just by the fact that you exist. I was ecstatic merely by the thought of seeing you. I could have compared you to the sun that shines brightly and mightily over earth but I’ve always thought of you more as the moon. On your own no one will really think you’re anything special but maybe because you dedicate yourself so much to God you practically radiate from it. Also, you’re not the kind of light that overpowers everything else. You don’t really come off strongly to other people but you do have a soft radiance that affects the people around you. I think of it this way, when you feel like being chic you don’t smile and you become the new moon, when you don’t feel like being sociable you’re drowned somewhere in your own world but when someone calls you smile then you become the crescent moon. You become the full moon in your quieter moments when you’re immersed yet fully aware of your surroundings. Someday, I think I may find someone who will shine like the sun but I admit that I’m not confident I would be fascinated in the same way I was with the moon. Maybe I don’t plan on finding my sun. I’m glad I have never been in a relationship. I think I’m better off this way. The moon is meant to be looked at. I was never meant to be near the moon.

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