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An open letter to Mr. Right

To my supposed Mr. Right,

It’s not that I don’t believe in love anymore. I just think I’m not cut out for it. I know we haven’t met or maybe we have but God has chosen not to make us realize it yet but I just want to tell you that you can do better. No, I don’t think you’re perfect but I don’t want to be in love. In my heart I have decided that God is more than enough for me. Don’t pursue me, don’t think of me and don’t like me. That may be pretty selfish for me to say but I think being single is the best for me. I have my delusions I’ll admit that… to the point that people tease me that only Jesus can reach my standards but you see… I don’t want to get hurt and I’m really happy just as I am. I’m sure you’ll find someone who will love you more than anything, someone who is willing to go through risks to be with you because I’m not willing to love you or anyone too much. I’m not the kind who will go through risks with you. People tell me I won’t be able to tell because I will fall in love someday… I don’t discredit that so please, at least you can stay away from me. Don’t fall in love with me. You won’t like me all that much. It’s better if you know that this early.

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