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I remember the day we first met..
The weather was fine that noon..
It was a day full of excitement..
There was this kind of feeling so familiar to me..
And as I walk closer to where you are the more I feel excited..I was thinking of what I’m going to say first..
I just realized you were already standing right infront of me..you were wearing a white shirt and looking really clean with your new haircut. I saw how your eyes brighten up but still looked tense. I smiled at you and you did too.. you came closer and closer and I was still thinking of what I’m going say..  I finally uttered my name while offering a handshake.. you just smiled while extending your warm hand. The way you held my hand tight felt so weird to me..
I don’t know exactly how i started to fall inlove with you.. it might be the way you look at me.. the way you touch me or it could be how you make me feel secured.
From that day on.. I told myself that if ever you’ll be mine.. then I will love you and take care of you like no one else does. To offer the best version of me and to be the right one for you. Mahal ko.. I can’t be perfect… I can’t always say the right words you need to hear.. I can’t be there as often as you want me to but rest assured that you’re always in my heart and mind.
We are yet to figure out how far this love will take us.. I know it’s hard sometimes.. pero gaya ng lagi kong cnsbi.. di ako sumusuko ng basta bsta.. hanggang alam ko ng kinakapitan pa.. I love you mahal ko.. I love you with all my heart.. 🙂

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