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I take more than I can handle,
My plate is full of so many struggle,
Living the life that I can’t even haggle,
Trying to stand tall, while stuck in the middle

Then you came, covered with promises,
With no intention to sugar coat your weariness,
You tickled me with the right amount of sweetness,
And showered me with your tantalizing wittiness

I knew that taking you in was another responsibility,
That I should better avoid such crazy hostility,
Then my heart over-powered my mind’s functionality,
Creating a fantasy, ended up hoping for a probability

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I taste the hardship, but didn’t change the course,
I believe with the saying for better or worse,
Invalidating my friends, without a single remorse,
Because I knew it was you and that was not force

We are happy, jiggly, aren’t we?
It was real right? There’s butterflies in our tummy,
We are always each other’s company, and I find it lovely,
And I thank God because I can now say “Finally”

We build dreams and plan to keep each other for too long,
We even fantasize the years that we do not yet belong,
Casting the worries that our family won’t get along,
We should fear nothing, as long as our love is strong

You brave your battles and I also on mine,
We have differences but we didn’t mind,
We will win everything, if we continue to grind,
No fears, no regrets, let’s leave them all behind

Then came the point when things became a mess,
A simple disappointment that we both cannot attest,
I overdrink while you overthink,
We set our love aside in just a wink

You kept your silence, I shut my mouth out,
Worried I might say cruel things out loud,
While you ignore life and the whole world,
I was left alone, without a single thing to be explored

I hate the fact that I tried and risked,
For something that will be gone in a blizz,
I surrendered my sanity and lost my clarity,
Hoping that you are the man to live with me in my own sanctuary

I really knew from the start that it was a bad idea,
It was not my expertise, neither my known area,
But I bravely took it as it is, a love with no peace,
Now I am left alone again and shattering in pieces.

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