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I am Earth’s Moon,
You are my Sun.
Through solar eclipse,
Our story began.

I orbit around my world,
And my world revolves around you.
No matter what you do,
Even if you just stay there like a statue.

It’s true that we rarely meet,
But there’s too much anticipation.
Because from my worlds’ view,
Our meeting is a special occasion.

There may be plenty of stars in the galaxy,
But you are my favorite one to see.
I may not be the best at embracing the warmth that you bring me,
But at least the warm and cold have a fair share in me.

We should be thankful for my world that revolves around you,
Because we can say that we’re each others’ one.
Unlike the Moons in Jupiter, Saturn, etcetera,
Who’ll confuse you for having a ton.

Our last meeting might be harmful,
But you’d seem better lit if we become distant ones.
I’m sure you’ll find a prettier Moon than me,
But don’t get attracted to the others that are lurking free.

Truth is, I’m still not sure if it’s best that we part ways,
But even if I wanted to go back, my entirety moves in a fixed way.
Still, I thank you for bringing light into my world when it needed some,
My Love, my Star, my one and only Sun.

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