Learn to change for the better

A reminder worth to remember

No, do not give up your former self

Just add a new and improved dimension of yourself.


Learn to value time

Because it is transient and does fly fast

Cherish and never waste it

For it is a precious gift and all worth it.


Learn to enjoy and relish life

No room for hatred nor strife

Take a look at every nook and cranny

Smile and do what makes you happy.


Learn to relax and have fun

Dance in the rain or run under the sun

Amidst the hurly-burlies of studying or working

Find time to breathe while learning.


Learn to appreciate the ones who love you

Never ever take them for granted

Be grateful for their efforts and presence

Or forever regret their absence.


Learn to express gratitude

Well, some really lack this attitude

When people try to reach out and help you

Lower that pride and say ‘thank you.’


Learn to forgive the ones who hurt you

Yes, you would say it is never easy

Drop the grudges and recall their kindness

Forgiveness is part of the healing process.


Learn to accept your mistakes

Because you know you have got what it takes

To prove that your story is not yet over

So, get your pen and begin the next chapter.


Learn to love with all your heart

Even if sometimes it tears you apart

One day, you will never have to fight

For a love that is truly yours in a star-filled night.


Learn as much as you can

Embrace life lessons that come in hand

Move forward and trust God’s perfect timing

You will see, better days are coming.