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Majestic night and pouring rain,

A cup of coffee, pink Bible and pen,

The evening breeze it touches my skin –

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Makes me wonder of the love I dream,

Awaken love only when it is time,

But the beat of my heart and raindrops rhyme,

Pounding on the roof of my heart; it cries,

“When will I have the love I desire?”


Righteous love for a righteous cause;

To rush this scenery would have

entailed much cost,

So I waited for a million, beautiful sunsets,

Until I am ready for the love that I wanted,


“Grace is real!” I could only utter,

As our story unfolds from chapter to chapter,

Great is the God who authored this piece,

The love I prayed for; now my favourite,


Etched within the fabrics of our soul;

The ability to love that makes

scarlet as white as snow,

Embrace, forgive and create new memory;

This is the story that will give God glory,


Love will always be worth the fight,

The weak learn to stand in bravery and might,

From battle to battle, the heart shall not tire,

For this is the love that sets us on fire.


(This poem summarizes my singleness to courtship journey — from praying and waiting to living and thanking God for that love. When #TrueLovePrays, #TrueLoveHappens.❤️)

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