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I just can’t imagine the rhythm of my life without you, living in this world making tune with someone new. Sometimes I just wanted to quit and fade away, but I can’t cause it’s you whose completing the sound of my day.

Each time I try to paint this world of mine, there’s something I don’t know where will I find. And when I think of you, everything gets even better and turns wonderful too.

To say  “I love you” is not enough to express this feeling I have for you, because in my heart, it’s always you and only you. Sometimes I wonder what’s the real magic, no doubt with you everything is fine with just a click.

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I’m afraid someday you’ll find someone, someone who will bring you joy and laughters, someone who will wipe away your tears, someone who will complete your heart’s missing piece, and you may not see me as that someone, I hope you find me as the right one.

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