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I know it is hard to wait. But in waiting, there is a reward. I understand that many times, you are tempted to only settle for what’s there. You might probably be thinking that, he is a Christian. Why not him?”

My dear sister, choose not just a Christian boy but a maturing godly man who will lead you closer to God.

Someone who silently watches you from afar but constantly prays for you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Someone who honors God, not only in words but in actions and way of life.

Someone who is careful when other women are around – not wanting to hurt them because he thinks that they are sisters in Christ.

Someone who won’t play with your emotions and take advantage of your feelings.

Someone who respects others especially older men.

Someone who has strong convictions in the Lord.

Someone who honors his words and values friendships with the brethren.

Someone who does not hide his weaknesses and failures yet, continuously rises up and follows Christ.

Someone who gets disappointed and discouraged but his heart still beats for Him.

Someone who treats you like a sister and respects you.

Someone who stands firm in his commitment with you and with God.

Someone whom you can really spend the rest of your life.

Does it seem to be a perfect man? No. He is a godly maturing man. Not only a church goer but Christ lover.

I know it may seem impossible, but hey, you are a princess. You deserved the best. And, God wants the best for you. Don’t settle for less, so you can marry now.

Keep on waiting and praying.

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