We used to talk all day night. You told you like me. You told me you love my playful side. You even asked me out. You asked me if you can pursue me. I said yes!. Then stormy days came . You became cold. Gone are the boy I learned to like. Yes! I sadly fell into your trap. If I had known that you’re not really serious I should’ve walked away. Still, I am thankful because once in your life I became your favourite pastime. Your playmate. Thank you for all the time we flirted with each other. I enjoyed it. I know you did also. I’m sorry if I can’t be like the girl who cheated on you. I am truly sorry for I would never be like her because I would never cheat on you and you will never be mine . Thank you for making me special in a while and letting me question my worth for I don’t know until when. Thank you for all the unanswered calls and messages it gave me an answer. Thank you for making me your option because I know that once, I was chosen. Thank you for telling me how wonderful I am as person. Now, I don’t know if I really am because if I am a wonderful person why did you left me hanging?. You told me not to entertain other guys because they will surely make me cry but what happened? You toyed me. Thank you for our late night talks. Now, I can’t sleep peacefully at night. I will always  pray for you. I hope that our paths would cross again so that you can answer my questions. Did I really matter? What am I really to you?