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Waiting is Beautiful.

You were walking down the aisle with that beautiful bouquet of white roses in your hands. You were smiling gleamingly as you approach your groom who’s waiting for you. You can’t help but shed tears while taking small steps towards the altar. All the years of waiting, here in front of you is the man of your prayers. As you were about to reach for his hand, you felt a cold feeling throughout your entire body and before you realize, you’re already awake and everything was just a dream. As you’re staring blankly to the ceiling, reality hits you and now you’re left wondering why this hasn’t happened to you yet.

You are not getting any younger and you’re already nearing your 30s. Some adults will tell you’re nearly over the “calendar days” and yet you are still single. Some may even interrogate you why you haven’t been in a relationship after a long time and you don’t have the answers to their questions. You were once in a relationship before but it went downhill and now you’re differently walking other paths.  After years of being in different relationships, you finally had the freedom to focus on yourself first. But there came a time when you knew you’re already ready to be in a relationship again but no one’s available. You are eagerly waiting for someone, even reaching to a point of praying earnestly for it to come.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Lord, I am now ready to be in a relationship. Why can’t I meet him now?

Lord can you reveal him to me a bit sooner?

My friends are asking me when it’s my turn to get married. Am I getting married in two years’ time?

Everyone around me is fervently praying for the right person to finally come. Is he someone in my life now or still yet to meet him?

But then, after asking this questions, I also came to ask, “Why am I waiting?” The world has a lot to offer and options are here and there, colleagues, old friends, old classmates, but I won’t easily give in to anyone who’s available now. Even though there are some unengaged men that surround me but if they’re not after God’s heart, they appear meaningless to me. It is because my heart’s desire is someone who will lead a Christ-centered relationship. I prayed for a godly husband and father to our children that our marriage be a blessing to other people. I prayed for someone who will be my partner in worshipping and serving Christ for the rest of our lives. I am holding on to His promise that He will soon reveal it in His perfect time, in His own ways and when my heart is ready. I believe God’s already at work and everything will soon fall into its place. For now, my heart is calm knowing God is in control. I know God has a reason why we haven’t met yet. Maybe God sees me not prepared yet to receive that blessing. I will then take this as an opportunity to grow more with Him and to work out on improving my relationship with Him, my family, my friends and even myself.  I know God is still working my heart and I still have purpose to fulfill in my singlehood.

When things seem vague because my plans for myself aren’t working out, when my prayers seem unheard and unanswered, when doubt comes to my mind, I will remember His words and will cling to it:

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. “

Ecclesiastes 3:1


God has His own plans for each and every one for us. He already knows what’s going to happen to us way before we plan what we want. His plan is always for our God. Waiting may seem tiring, but He is faithful to His promise.  All we have to do is be faithful and trust in His timing.

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