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Things I’ve learned while being single:
1. Love yourself and always make your happiness your top priority.
2. Jealousy and Insecurities will kill you. Don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts.
3. Always praise yourself in front of the mirror; it’s not being vain. It’s appreciating yourself for what you’ve done/been through and motivating yourself for future things that might happen your way.
4. If someone really likes you, they’ll let you know. No hanging questions, no doubts in your heart. Don’t be assuming and it is easy to jump to conclusions.
5. Not everyone with the opposite sex who shows kindness to you means they’re interested in starting a romantic relationship with you; some are just friendly. Be smart with your interactions with people.
6. Be consistent in keeping a relationship. Friendships/romantic relationships are always two-way.
7. Learn to accept praise from other people. Learn how to say “thank you”.
8. Friends and Families will always be there for you. Put some effort in getting to know them too.
9. Find exciting things you’ve never done before. Learn new hobbies. Go to places you’ve always wanted to. Eat that food you’ve been dying to taste. Buy the clothes you’ve been eyeing for months. Self-care is important.
10. Work on your relationship with the Lord. Be intentional in getting to know Him. Grow deeper in love with Him.

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