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A mess. That’s what we become after going through an extremely emotional breakdown. We don’t seem to understand the purpose of it all and we find ourselves stuck somewhere. We seek redemption.

Being a mess is okay. Having to feel all this is okay. Finding yourself confused after what you’ve been through is totally okay. You are human and you are a work in progress. What’s important is you pick yourself up and continue on that journey once more.

There are people who would significantly influence our lives. Some stay, some don’t. If they stay, you keep them. If not, that too is okay. Why? Because everyone that we meet has their own purpose. Some of them would teach you how to live and love whilst some would serve as lessons. Lessons that would enable you to grow as a person. I’m not saying that those that stay are incapable of making you grow. I’m saying that the ones that left are those that God allowed to walk out of your life. Simply because their mission is complete and they no longer have a reason to stay with you.

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Bittersweet, yeah. And one day, you’d look back and remember the person who once played a significant role in your life. You’d no longer feel the same. Everything is just a distant memory you remember. Nothing more than a memory of the one that God allowed to walk away.

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